S16 Chassis Series

816The Shorefit® S16 replacement chassis is designed to replace Climatemaster ‘816’ & ‘817’ units. They are available in nominal ¾, 1, 1 ½, 2, 2 ½ and 3 ton capacities. As part of a complete system, the Shorefit® S16 unit is engineered to fit into the existing cabinet space with matching electrical/water connections as the original unit. Each unit utilizes energy efficient quality components and tested in our psychrometric room to confirm safety, reliability and performance at multiple operating conditions. The extensive list of unit features includes:

  • Low pressure drop air coil
  • Stainless steel drain pan
  • Refrigerant circuit access ports
  • Compressor protection
  • Low and high temperature protection
  • Low and high pressure protection
  • Environmentally friendly refrigerant
  • ETL listed for safety and construction


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The Shorefit® S16 series is designed to work with the existing blower section and can be ordered with a control and wiring configuration to match specific projects. Vertical stack units can incorporate special configurations not identified in the model number. Tools are available to assist in gathering this additional information.

Low Sound Level

The refrigeration chassis includes a compressor that incorporates engineered vibration isolators installed on a heavy gauge mounting base with a mounting system to maximize vibration dampening. A sound dampening enclosure constructed of heavy gauge metal lined with acoustical insulation encases the refrigeration circuit.

Fast and Easy Replacement

The refrigeration chassis consist of the compressor, air coil, water coil, reversing valve, expansion device, receiver, filter-dryer and safety controls designed for easy removal after disconnecting hoses and a polarized electrical power plug.

Product Protection

Units are provided with high pressure and low temperature safety controls configured in a lockout circuit to prevent damage to the compressor. The compressors are wired with either internal or external overload protective devices.

Common Options and Accessories*

  • Heat Pump, Cool Only & Boilerless
  • Geothermal Construction
  • Automatic Flow Control Valve
  • Electric Two-Way Valve
  • Electro-Mechanical Controls
  • Fan/Motor/Blower Assemblies
  • Return Air Panels
  • Hose Kits
  • Unit Power Voltage
  • Air Filters

* varies by project


All units are provided with a 12-month parts warranty (from date of ship) for all components.

Note: The replacement chassis performance is based on providing the proper airflow through the new chassis. Existing fan assemblies affect airflow due to corrosion and caked-on dirt.  Fan motors affect airflow due to age or improper specifications. Cleaning/Repair/Replacement of blowers is required prior to installation of new chassis. New fan/motor assemblies allow your new replacement chassis to perform properly for years to come.

Sales Brochure

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Cut Sheet

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Installation and Operation Manuals

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Product Specifications

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